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HarperStudio is committed to partnering with authors to publish books in a way that is effective, creative, and sustainable. We believe books are a vital part of our culture. We believe traditional publishing models are broken and are experimenting with new ones. We believe in embracing technology. We believe the future is now.

UPDATE: The team at HarperStudio had great run from April 2008- April 2010 and published several New York Times bestsellers including The 50th Law, Heros for My Son, Crush it!, Emeril at the Grill, and 5th Avenue, 5 A.M.

Bob Miller, photo credit: Adrian Kinloch

Bob Miller
President & Publisher

Bob started cello lessons two years ago, but hasn’t practiced once since starting up HarperStudio in April 2008.

UPDATE (April 2010): Bob is currently Group Publisher at Workman Publishing.


Debbie Stier
SVP, Associate Publisher

Debbie is the only person she knows who will admit that running the NYC marathon was the biggest waste of time, not to mention incredibly painful. She firmly believes in the value of a candle-lit family dinner, but when she’s on her own she’ll settle for a bowl of cereal at the counter while going through mail. Her idea of heaven is a stack of New Yorkers on a beach with a Scrabble partner who’s not afraid of losing a silly game. Biggest pet peeve: People who say it can’t be done.

UPDATE: Find out what Debbie is doing here.



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Julie Cheiffetz, photo credit: Adrian Kinloch

Julia Cheiffetz
Senior Editor

Julia joined HarperStudio after six years at Random House where she published This Is Not Chick Lit, Sin in the Second City and the novel Personal Days. Recently profiled as “The Experimenter” in Fast Company magazine, Julia is interested in the intersection between technology and old fashioned storytelling. She is on the Board of Directors of the Lower East Side Girls Club. She considers the film Anchorman a great work of art.

UPDATE (April 2010): Julia is currently a Senior Editor at the Harper imprint where she continues to acquire and edit narrative nonfiction and the occasional novel. She recently published the New York Times bestsellers 5th Avenue, 5 AM by Sam Wasson, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, and How to Write a Sentence by Stanley Fish.


Jessica Wiener, photo credit: Adrian Kinloch

Jessica Wiener
Director of Marketing

Jessica has gone way too long with out a bio on the site, which says a lot about her. She loves a good story—whether it’s her daughter’s recounting her adventures at nursery school, the current hot novel or a movie, with popcorn and a Coke of course.

UPDATE (July 2010): Jessica is currently Director of Marketing at Workman Publishing.

Katie Salisbury, photo credit: Adrian Kinloch Katie Salisbury
Assistant EditorAlthough a California girl at heart, Katie made the big leap to New York in 2008 to join the publishing world and hasn’t looked back since. When she’s not busy catching a few winks, you might find her wandering through the endless stacks at the Strand Bookstore or getting lost in the maze-like streets of Chinatown. 

UPDATE (April 2010): Katie is an Assistant Editor at Harper and recently published the cookbook In the Small Kitchen from bloggers Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine. She continues to acquire nonfiction titles, including Tall Rice, a memoir from journalist Mitch Moxley about his adventures in China (forthcoming). She has worked with bestselling authors Erica Jong, Sam Wasson, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Stanley Fish, Brad Meltzer, and Robert Greene.

Kathryn Ratcliffe-Lee, photo credit: Adrian Kinloch

Kathryn Ratcliffe-Lee
Marketing Assistant

Kathryn is from New Jersey and exists in a permanent state of needing a haircut. She has an unhealthy obsession with Polaroid film but never has her camera when she needs it. As a personal rule, she will always choose a birthday card that sings.

UPDATE: Kathryn is an assistant at Harper.


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