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A Day to Buy the Newspaper

Last night people partied in the streets. This morning they bought the paper.


In fact I’ve never seen the half dozen or so news stands I pass on my way to work so barren (check out this photo of about 100 people waiting outside the Times building) . Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress describes the scene at his local grocery store in D.C:

“I went to the supermarket on my block at around 6:30. I saw a huge line
of people waiting for the delivery of a “special evening edition” of The Washington Post
so that they could keep a souveniere copy of the front page to
commemorate the occasion. Some of them had been waiting for as much as
three hours and nobody quite knew how long they had left. Apparently,
this was happening at supermarkets all across town.”

I guess adding print out of the Huffington Post to your scrap book just isn’t the same.

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