Who Is Mark Twain?

Most of us know Twain as a distant figure in American literary history (first published by Harper Brothers in 1895) and the author of Huck Finn. But Twain was also a daring humorist, an insecure writer, and a searing cultural critic. And now…he’s back.

Wickedly funny and disarmingly relevant, Who is Mark Twain? shines new light on one of America’s most beloved literary icons­—a man who was well ahead of his time.

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Talking About Twain

I am not at all sure that every one of his sentences is golden, not to speak of his paragraphs, but he somehow managed–despite a steady underlying seriousness few writers have matched–to step around the pit of self-importance and to keep his membership in the ordinary human race in the front of his mind and his writing. — Arthur Miller

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The “Next Mark Twain”