Heartbroken Open

Heartbroken Open by Kristine CarlsonKris Carlson had an idyllic life. She and her husband Richard had a romantic marriage, two beautiful daughters, and—thanks to the success of Richard’s bestselling Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series—all of the comforts of the American Dream.

But on December 13, 2006, that perfect story took a sudden turn when, on a typical flight to New York, a pulmonary embolism would take Richards life- catapulting Kris into heartbreak and uncertainty.

It was the end of life as Kris knew it, and the beginning of a journey through the depths of grief and mourning that would reveal to Kris her true strength and an immeasurable love that cannot be broken.

This book is a courageously honest memoir. It is the true story of a wife, a mother, a woman forced to come face to face with fear, insecurity, and the painful but ultimately precious teachings Kris Carlson discovered along the way.

This wise little book offers a timeless message of inspiration, empowerment, and courage for anyone who has experienced loss or hardship of any kind.

Advance Praise:

“Kristine Carlson has created a wonderfully rich, deeply engaging, heartfelt journey through the peaks and valleys of profound loss. This book is a bountiful gift...riveting, intensely moving, and, most of all, enormously instructive and helpful.”

John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart

“Richard Carlson’s death affected many of us, but none more powerfully or painfully than his wife and children. Kris Carlson has gloriously owned her own voice since Richard’s death, and now gives words and meaning to her extraordinary journey through grief to healing. She shines even more beautifully for having allowed such pain to penetrate her heart and to ultimately teach her what it means to be alive. This book is a healing balm for the broken heart.”

Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

“At last a book that dares to face grief head on. Heartbroken Open is an unswerving, heart wrenching, unexpectedly sublime memoir about having loved and lost. Kris’s candid yet gentle narrative escorts you through and beyond the more familiar territory of the psyche and plummets straight into the astonishing healing wisdom of the soul. If you have ever been in love, and wonder how you would survive without it, you absolutely must read this book!”

Maryanne Comaroto, relationship expert and author of Hindsight

“Kris Carlson shares her story of grief and transformation with raw honesty, eloquence, and humanness. It will open your heart to the true spirit of love. I couldn’t put it down till I savored each page.”

Joseph Bailey, coauthor of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life

“Kristine Carlson’s courageous story about loss, grief, and the immeasurable strength of love is deeply inspiring and empowering.”

Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“In times of crisis and chaos that cause many to crumble, heroes emerge. Kristine Carlson is one such person. Heartbroken Open is brilliant! Kris Carlson gives you the keys to powerful living. This book is a gift for the loving and healing heart.”

Dr. Pat Baccili, The Dr. Pat Show

“This is a beautiful book—clear and strong, as is its author, who details so poignantly her navigation through the rough, murky, and ultimately healing waters of grief. Heartbroken Open is a memoir, but also a guide through loss to redemption and reinvention.”

Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life

“This courageous memoir has captured the essence of love, empowerment, and perseverance. Kristine’s story contains a message for all of us and is a brilliant reminder of the power of love.”

Steve Maraboli, host of Empowered Living Radio


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