Emeril at the Grill

Emeril at the Grill

The first in a new series of accessible cookbooks by one of America's most beloved celebrity chefs, Emeril at the Grill is being published just in time for Father's Day.

Emeril Lagasse is one of the best known celebrity chefs of all time. But get ready for Emeril like you've never seen him before. Recently acquired by Martha Stewart Omnimedia, Emeril has a brand new TV show called "Emeril Green" and he's cooking up recipes for 10 new cookbooks - all with a new, trade paperback format, and simple recipes suited for daily cooking. This is Emeril's first cookbook since 2005, and his fans are hungry for it!

Emeril at the Grill features recipes for everything from "Burgers, Kabobs and Meatballs" to "Sandwiches, Wraps and Pizza," to "Things with Wings." Each of these mouth watering recipes is perfect for an easy family dinner, or an afternoon barbeque. With a beautiful new package and accessible price, Emeril at the Grill is the perfect Father's Day treat.


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