I Have A Good Friend Who’s a Twitterer And He Says He Hasn’t Written Anything for a Year

By • Mar 8th, 2010 • Category: 26th Story
From Dave Eggers Interview in The Guardian:

At home, where he writes, he no longer has internet access. A four-month stint with wi-fi proved “deadly” for his productivity and having no access at all ensures that he is not tempted to “look at Kajagoogoo videos and old ads for Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum” on YouTube. “Writing is a deep-sea dive. You need hours just to get into it: down, down, down. If you’re called back to the surface every couple of minutes by an email, you can’t ever get back down. I have a great friend who became a Twitterer and he says he hasn’t written anything for a year.

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  • http://www.bradleyrobb.net/ P. Bradley Robb

    Time to pick up a distraction-free word processor – WriteRoom for Mac, DarkRoom for Windows, RubyRoom or PyRoom for us Linux users. WriterRoom is the only one that costs money, but I've never met an author who didn't think it was well worth the money.

  • http://personalbrandingblog.com/ Dan Schawbel

    Twitter, along with all social networks, is a commitment. Not tweeting for weeks, months or years, will make someone look bad. If you find someone's blog and they haven't updated in months, you won't subscribe or pay attention because there's no consistency or brand promise to deliver more content.

  • http://www.debbiestier.com Debbie Stier

    I hear you. But it's complicated!

  • Chuck

    Awww. I tweet my frustrations when I'm writing. During NaNoWriMo I tweeted my word counts and received lots of encouragement.

  • bujio

    I feel their pain! I find that having the internet is incredibly bad for my productivity.
    Conversely, I feel like I can't get anything done without the internet.
    As a writer, this puts me in a particularly bad position. =p

  • http://www.lynnrush.com/ Lynn Rush

    Oh my. A whole YEAR? Yikes. It can be addicting. . . and if he has to get rid of it so he can write, I guess he should, huh?

    I do, sometimes, have to shut them off and leave ONLY my word document open while I'm writing…so far that works for me.

    Wow. What an interesting post.

  • http://www.mbtantishoeuk.com mbt uk

    Look at jogging 100 yards followed by another hundred yards of walking, rinse and repeat. It's a great way to jolt the body's metabolism.

  • http://www.rapmonster.com rap

    hmmm.. a tweeter who dont tweet. lol

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