Why This Sony Commercial Makes Me Want To Cry

By • Dec 2nd, 2009 • Category: 26th Story, Technology

Can someone please explain the thinking behind this commercial? Pay a celebrity like Justin Timberlake to sit on a fake panel, consisting of other celebrities (like quarterback Peyton Manning) who marvel at the fact that hundreds of books can be read on a Sony Reader. “I just did” says Howard Berg, the infamous speed-reader.

“I did too” says Timberlake. And then, a pause: “No I didn’t” Timberlake says, chuckling. Huh? I don’t get it. The message is.. a Sony Reader is a cool looking device…for people who pretend to read? I’ll take Hodgman any day over that.

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  • http://gathernodust.blogspot.com/ Jeff Scott

    The other problem is that limitations for the page turning on the Sony Reader device wouldn't allow that man to read the book that fast. Timberlake's comment probably more highlights that though with his comment on fake reading.

  • http://www.barryhutchison.com/ Barry Hutchison

    I can see what you're saying, but to me it looks like Timberlake is sending himself up. When he says “No I didn't” he seems embarrassed about the fact more than anything. He's not chuckling at that point, anyway.

    Everyone on the panel who speaks seems to be sending themselves up a bit, I think, and Timberlake is playing the 'dump pop star' persona.

    But it's still a rubbish advert.

  • jeffadair

    Poor Peyton…sitting there like a dummy.

  • jeffadair

    Poor Peyton…sitting there like a dummy.