Kevin Connolly’s Stephen Colbert Handstand Challenge

By • Oct 19th, 2009 • Category: 26th Story, Books, Entertainment

Kevin Michael Connolly challenges Stephen Colbert to a handstand contest

If you can tear your eyes away from the photo for just a second, I would like to point out that Kevin Michael Connolly is taking his memoir, DOUBLE TAKE, on the road. Kevin has posted his national book tour schedule over on his blog, and he also provided a handy public Google calendar to give you a better look at where he’ll be for the next month or so. Check it out and see if Kevin will be stopping by a town near you!

Now back to the photo. Kevin isn’t doing handstands just for the heck of it (okay, maybe he is)…there is a bigger picture here. Kevin is challenging Stephen Colbert to a handstand contest, and he needs a little help:

there is one thing I desperately, desperately need your help with. I’m not trying sell anything here – buy my book or not, it’s entirely up to you – but what I do need from you is a small amount of your time to help lobby Colbert (of Comedy Central’s, The Colbert Report). People have begun lobbying Colbert to put me on his show under the challenge of a handstand contest (during which, I’m hoping we’ll talk about the book, of course). First one to fall has to eat a hardcover copy of Double Take.

So here’s what I need you to do:

Copy and paste the message below into the “Comment” field at Comedy Central’s site to see a Colbert’s first inverted interview! Oh, and don’t forget to select “The Colbert Report” from the drop down list. Here’s the link:


THE CHALLENGE: Holding a handstand for as long as possible. First one to fall has to eat a hardcover copy of the book Double Take. Winner gets eternal glory.


Kevin Michael Connolly, 24-year-old legless guy and author of the new memoir, Double Take.

Stephen Colbert, anemic political satirist and host of The Colbert Report.

THE BOOK: Double Take

Quit hiding behind that desk, Colbert!“

Please take a couple of minutes to submit a comment and challenge Colbert to a handstand contest with Kevin. I’m not taking sides or anything, but you know you want to see Colbert eat a book.

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