Inherent Publicity

By • Aug 7th, 2009 • Category: 26th Story, Books, Entertainment, Technology, Web/Tech

Novelist Thomas Pynchon is perhaps as well-known for his uber-reclusive tendencies as for his sprawling, byzantine books, such as V., Gravity’s Rainbow, and Mason & Dixon. This week, his new novel Inherent Vice hit the shelves, and Penguin Press has cleverly created some publicity for a man who has spent his career trying to avoid it. Instead of dragging him out from hiding, Penguin has crafted this coy little promotional video. It’s already generated all kinds of talk as to whether or not the video is being narrated by Pynchon himself. (As for Penguin, when GalleyCat asked to confirm or deny they would say only, “No comment.”) Well, if it isn’t Pynchon, whoever was responsible was cunning enough to hire a voice actor that sounded remarkably like Pynchon did during his voice-cameo on The Simpsons. Then again, who knows if that was really him, anyway? At any rate, it’s an interesting example of publicity generated not in spite of, but because of, an author’s wish to be left alone.

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  • Ryan Chapman

    I’m going to guess: it’s not him.

  • Sally McCartin

    I think its the Dude.