HarperStudio Announces New E-Book Pricing Policy

By • Apr 1st, 2009 • Category: 26th Story, Big Ideas

twitterHarperStudio announced today its experiment in e-book pricing and “bundling” of formats. In response to such proponents of “free” as Chris Anderson and Seth Godin, HarperStudio’s e-books will be free to anyone who agrees to review the book on Twitter. These short reviews, which must be 140 characters or less (known as “tweets” in Twitter-lingo), must be sent within two weeks of receiving the free e-book. Furthermore, if a consumer sends more than ten “tweets” about a HarperStudio e-book, that person will receive a free copy of the hardcover, signed by the author. Finally, if the consumer tweets more than fifty times about a HarperStudio book, that person will be taken to lunch by either Seth Godin or Chris Anderson (Seth if the person is on the east coast; Chris if the person is on the west coast).

According to Debbie Stier, SVP and Associate Publisher of HarperStudio, “we’ve been wanting to experiment with free for some time, and having Seth and Chris on board for the free lunch aspect really adds an element of excitement for us.”

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  • http://www.booksonthenightstand.com Ann Kingman

    If I tweet about your books 100 times can I come in and mess up Bob’s desk?

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  • http://northernlightsbooks.blogspot.com/ jmcc

    so, living in the Midwest, I assume that both Chris & Seth will be coming to dine with me after I tweet more than 50 times?

  • Mark Gompertz

    April Fools to you too.

  • http://www.placesratedbooks.com David Savageau

    I think you meant each tweet of 140 characters or less rather than 140 words or less.

  • http://www.di2.nu/blog.htm FrancisT

    I think we might look at doing the same for reviews of the Frstapr – http://www.di2.nu/200904/01.htm – though clearly we need more tweet reviews before we get to offering the device for free

  • http://taylor-and-associates.com/taylors-internet-marketing-blog Allen Taylor

    OK, so how do we sign up for the review?

  • http://Twitter.com/Ed Ed

    You are making a serious mistake. Here’s why:
    “Finally, if the consumer tweets more than fifty times about a HarperStudio book…”

    Instantly devolved this from brilliant, to encouraging spam.
    We never see promotion of our own ‘stuff’ as spam.
    And there’s the logictics imbalance you’ve failed to account for;
    if you really want it to go viral, how is a new account I go set up with 17 followers X tweeted 50+ times,
    equal to me tweeting 5 times to [a deeply pruned] 2,000, which includes potential retweets by
    some heavies with 400,000 followers?

    50? really? I would tweet ANYTHING 50 times!
    Rather typical old-school thinking back there. Surprised Godin agreed. Anderson, not so much. Different style.

    Time to duke it out with Seth.


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  • http://Twitter.com/Ed Ed

    Should say “would NOT tweet anything 50 times”

  • http://theharperstudio.com Bob Miller

    Ann: sorry, there are no amounts of tweets that would make me allow my desk to be messed up. However, Seth has just agreed to give free footrubs to anyone with 100 or more tweets. Not sure how we’ll monetize this yet, but it’s damn nice of him in the meantime!

  • http://dearauthor.com Jane

    II’m totally on board with this. Here’s an example. Luv new bk from 26HS. Exciting conflict. Fresh characters. Also, recd $$ for rev.

  • http://www.edinburg.lib.tx.us Nesa

    The cynic in me agrees with Mark G. but I’ve still got my fingers crossed! This would be awesome!

  • Kelly

    Is this an April Fool’s Day thing…?

  • http://www.permanencematters.com Melissa Klug

    How many Tweets of a Harper Studio book until Seth Godin gives me a pedicure to go with the foot rub?

  • http://theharperstudio.com Bob Miller

    Melissa: apparently, that’s how Seth plans to make money on this. He gives the footrub for free, and then when you’re nice and relaxed he charges you $100.00 for the pedicure…

  • http://the-one-about.blogspot.com Toriach

    So if this isn’t a joke, how do you sign up?

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  • http://ellisonbaypottery.wordpress.com Diane McNeil

    If and when this becomes a policy, then I would do it. Not sure on a stranger giving me a foot rub, tho

  • http://www.permanencematters.com Melissa Klug

    Absolutely nothing comes for free, I knew a savvy marketer such as Mr. Godin would figure out a way to monetize this event. Sigh. I suppose he’ll also make all of us pay for lunch. I think I would prefer to come mess up your desk with Ann Kingman. I know you claimed that can’t happen, but I’m sure we could work out a good deal.

    Thanks for the good laugh today, Harper Studio! Can’t wait to read your first book!

  • Cindy

    I think this is the only April Fool I didn’t fall for today. I totally believed the Shelf Awareness story that reported Borders & Baker & Taylor getting a gvmt bailout.

  • Lee Salisbury

    How are you going to pay Katie’s wages if you give everything away for free? At least charge enough to pay her. We don’t want to have to support her anymore and she doesn’t want to have to come home and do chores for her allowance anymore.

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    This is very up-to-date information. I’ll share it on Twitter.

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    The possibilities with twitter are endless!

  • http://chat.ajichat.com abdel

    greet thank you i hope it wok

  • frances former

    This was great fun, but I was looking for a oopy of Peony by Pearl Buck.

    Failing that, why was Ann of Green Gables removed from Gutenberg?