… rap?!

By • Mar 26th, 2009 • Category: 26th Story, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Humor, Weblogs

At the SXSW conference held last week in Austin, Texas, our recently signed authors and creators of put their own spin on Mims’s hip-hop hit, “This Is Why I’m Hot.” It’s just as catchy, but whether it will stave off your cravings for a good ol’ fashioned meat cake is another question.

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  • Paxl Rose

    This is why you’re white (and should not rap).

  • S. K. Azoulay

    I must say I’m a little disappointed to see you jump on the internet phenom book deal bandwagon, I thought you were supposed to represent a new kind of publishing.

    P.S. Calling a a guy and a girl who started a website where they post other people’s photographs “authors” is a bit offensive to those of us who spend countless hours putting words to the page.

  • Rappers

    @S.K. Azoulay

    There are all kinds of authors: those who toil for years to bring out the “American Classic”, those who finish a novel in two weeks that achieves cult-status, those who write purely for profit, those who ghost-write, and those, who, well, just publish amusing pictures.

    This will the new phenom in the publishing world. Haven’t you heard of the iCanHasCheezburger book? Its not pretty, but it makes a quick buck to the people making them.

    If it works for you, then more power to you I guess..