Radiohead Numbers are In for “In Rainbows”: The Takeaway? Offering Content For Free Can Pay

By • Oct 16th, 2008 • Category: 26th Story, Big Ideas, Entertainment, Music

inrainbows_4Skeptics of Radiohead’s pay as-you-wish experiment for their album In Rainbows take note: The band made more money before In Rainbows was physically released than they made in total on their previous album Hail To the Thief – and that’s despite the fact that more people downloaded the album for free than actually purchased it [rolling stone].

On the subject of free, check out Hugh McGuire’s Huffpo piece What Publishing Can Learn From Music.


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  • Jeff Rivera

    Great article, Julia. And I loved the link to the story on what the publishing business can learn from the music industry. Times are fast changing in publishing. A very exciting time. And whomever gets it “right” will have many followers…